Habit Transformation Program


Healthy Habit Transformation Program by Moove Mix (Kim.Mooves). Improve your eating, hydration, sleep and movement habits

Exemplary willpower and the perfect diet plan are NOT what differentiates individuals who are able to make healthy choices day after day for the long term (and who look and feel great) and those who struggle with their health and their weight on an ongoing basis.  The difference is good habits.  Once they become a habit, healthy choices are as easy as deciding whether or not to brush your teeth before bed.  They are not even a decision you need to make.  They are just something that you do instinctively.  Something that you feel like you NEED to do.

What if you could establish your own set of healthy habits?  No longer difficult choices requiring iron clad willpower, but your actual preference.

This program will offer 12 different healthy habits. 

We will focus on each habit with 2 weeks worth of daily e-mails.  The e-mails will provide guidance for the day, educational messages, and bonuses such as recipes and workouts.

That is 24 weeks (6 months!!!) worth of daily guidance to transform your habits and maximize your health and well being!!

NOTE:  If you have weight to lose that will be a likely side effect of this program, but even if you have no weight to lose these are important habits that everyone should adopt into their lifestyle.

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