About Us

Head shot of "Coach Kim" from Moove Mix

Hi!  I'm "Coach Kim" (aka. Kim Robertson), head coach and founder of MooveMix.

Fitness has been a cornerstone of my life for nearly three decades and guiding others as a Fitness Instructor during that time has been incredibly fulfilling.

In response to the challenges posed by COVID, I sought a way to sustain this passion virtually.

Last year, I combined my technical skills, as a software development manager in the high tech industry, with my fitness coaching expertise, and introduced the MooveMix fitness app. The app is designed to assist busy individuals over 40, like me, who are fitness enthusiasts but struggle to maintain a comprehensive and balanced routine anywhere they go.

The app includes 100s of workouts, fitness tracking, nutrition tracking, playlists and more. Members are able to customize their program each month choosing which areas they want guidance and support in (strength, cardio/HIIT, mobility, warmups, workout playlist suggestions, and nutrition), as well as choosing from different options depending on how much time they have or are willing to spend each week on their workouts.

I'm delighted to share that not only have users enjoyed the app, but they are also seeing results and all of them continue to maintain their daily self-care routines, even a year after the app launch.

Since I am a perfect match for the target demographic of this app, I am also an avid user.  If you join, you will see me, active in our MooveMix community, doing the same workouts that are assigned to you each day, as we take care of ourselves, having fun and doing all the right things to make sure we are looking and feeling our absolute best!

Checkout @kim.mooves on instagram or our brand account @moove.mix.