One Minute On, 1 Minute Off Workout

The is you can always run fast, but sometimes the truth hurts - motivational running quote

Run faster?... Push harder?... Go longer?... Lift more?...

The only way to grow, to be able to do more, is to get uncomfortable.... To hurt just a little... or maybe a lot if you are up for it.

But if you only have to experience that hurt in little doses,... maybe it isn't so bad...

Take a shot at this tried and true, one minute on, one minute off workout to achieve the benefits of pushing yourself into that uncomfortable zone, but in bearable doses.

High Intensity Interval Training (HITT), like this lets you burn more calories in less time, is more fun and has great heart health benefits.

Details on One Minute on, one minute off, HITT workout

Put the quote "The truth is you can always run faster, but sometime the truth hurts, on a customizable pastel sky water bottle, tank top, t-shirt or hoodie.  Look for the quote under "Personal Growth" or "Humerous".


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