I'm sorry for what I said during burpees...

Burpees!!  Love them or hate them? 

Quote - I'm sorry what I said during burpees

Upon initial analysis, the very popular "burpee" may appear to be a really great "all in one" full body exercise.  It includes core (plank & frog jump), upper body (pushup), and lower body (squat & calf raise to jump), plus plyometrics, and you can't do multiple burpees in a row without getting a cardio workout  

But why do so many people hate them so much?  It's probably because most people really suck at doing them well.   All of the components of the burpee put together in one rapidly executed plyometric exercise, that is usually repeated multiple times in a row, make it a very advanced exercise.  Yet it is often prescribed in various on-line workout plans and apps, with minimal coaching and guidance, to people who lack the strength, mobility and coordination to do it well.  This is a recipe for injury.  And even if it doesn't hurt you, trying to do a burpee when you do not have the physical capacity to do it well, just makes you weak, unfit and uncoordinated.  Even people who have been exercising regularly for years can feel less than competent when doing burpees!  No wonder we hate them!  Who wants to feel like that?!

On the other hand, for a very fit and highly trained athlete, a burpee might be a good option for them as a way for them to get the extra challenge and stimulus they need in their work out.  People like this will be able to do it well, so they will be able to get the most out of each phase of the exercise without significant risk of injury.

But, the burpee does incorporate some really great movements, when focussed on individually, so how about trying our "Burpee-free Burpee Tabata Workout", if burpees are not your favorite thing to do, but you still wants the benefit from them, and/or your current training plan is calling for them.

Ploymetric "Burpee Free" Burpee Workout
Low impact "Burpee Free" Burpee Workout
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