3-2-1 Treadmill Fartlek Workout

Stuck inside running on a treadmill? This fun and effective workout could make you look forward to that next treadmill run!

3-2-1 Treadmill fartlek workout outline
Tempo pace is normally fast but controlled, comfortably uncomfortable, at about 70% effort. It's between 10k and half marathon race pace or approximately 30 secs per kilometer slower than 5k race pace.

Tempo pace is used to teach you to push your body to run harder through extended periods. It does this by helping build your lactate threshold. Lactate is what causes that burning sensation and fatigue during a hard effort. The more you practice running at faster paces, the longer you can go before you feel that burn.

Because tempo pace is more about the effort than the actual pace, if you add the suggested inclines to the 2 min and 1 min intervals, you will end up going a little harder than tempo effort by the time you get to the 1 min interval. This just adds a little more interest and variety to your workout.
Overall workout structure outline

Give it a try and enjoy!

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