High Protein Sweet Potato Pancakes

Picture of delicious healthy sweet potato protein pancakes

These light and fluffy, high protein sweet potato pancakes are a great way to start your day!  Especially if you like to do a fasted workout before breakfast.  The protein and healthy carb mix of these pancakes is the perfect way to break your fast, replenish your carbs AND give your body the protein it needs to repair and rebuild.  If you don't do morning workouts, no problem!  Use the leftovers as a little protein rich snack after your afternoon workout.

If you are counting calories or tracking your macros, you will love the fact that this recipe has a MyFitnessPal bar code for you to scan.

Myfitnesspal bar code for high protein sweet potato pancakes

You can keep it simple and eat them with just a little butter and the chopped pecans on top.  Or, if you are ok with a little natural sugar, top them with a tiny bit of maple syrup.  They are also great topped with sliced bananas, sliced, strawberries, mixed berries, or all of the above.  With the fruit topping you may not even need any maple syrup. 

Whip these up and enjoy the no guilt pleasure of this healthy breakfast or post workout treat.

Recipe details and my fitness pal bar code for high protein sweet potato pancakes