Chill Endurance Moove Mix

Not every day is meant for breaking records...  This playlist of chill popular songs will keep you entertained and moving but also relaxed and efficient for your next endurance workout, whether it is a run, bike ride or something else.  With an hour and a half of music, a good long run can be covered, and a big chunk of a longer bike ride too.
If you need something to distract you during your long workout, and just focussing on staying relaxed and efficient is not enough, try making a subtle change with each song, without significantly changing the effort.  For example, if you are on a treadmill, add a gentle incline for one song, but reduce your speed a little and then go back to base incline and speed for the next song.  On a bike trainer, maybe increase your cadence and decrease resistance for one song, and then go back to base cadence and resistance for the next.  Try out different options to change things up just a little with each song without significantly altering the effort output.


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