Why you should "Extend it!": The science behind longer low intensity cardio sessions

If the idea of effortlessly embarking on a lengthy walk, run, or bike ride appeals to you, then it's time to delve into the world of longer, lower-intensity cardio sessions. These extended workouts not only contribute to building cardiovascular endurance but also pave the way for a more resilient and capable you.

Why Choose Longer, Lower-Intensity Cardio Sessions?

  1. Endurance Building: To comfortably engage in extended physical activities like walking, running, or biking, it's crucial to build up cardiovascular endurance. Longer, lower-intensity cardio sessions allow you to gradually enhance your stamina, ensuring you can sustain these activities for more extended periods.

  2. Progressive Approach: If the thought of a 30-minute cardio session seems daunting, fear not. Start with what you can handle and progressively add 5 minutes each week. This gradual approach ensures you not only adapt to the increased duration but also reduce the risk of overexertion and injury.

When to Incorporate Longer Sessions?

  1. Frequency: Aim for at least one extended cardio session per week. This frequency provides a solid foundation for cardiovascular improvement without overwhelming your routine.

  2. Gradual Integration: If you're not accustomed to 30-minute sessions, ease into it. Begin with a duration that suits your current fitness level, gradually adding minutes each week until you comfortably reach the 30-minute mark.

Adjustments for Seasoned Cardio Enthusiasts:

  1. Extended Duration: If you're already accustomed to regular cardio workouts exceeding 30 minutes, consider extending your "Extended" session. Push beyond the conventional limits, potentially reaching durations of 60 minutes or more to maximize the benefits.

How to Incorporate Longer Sessions?

  1. Activity Choices: Select from a variety of activities for your extended cardio session, such as running, biking, rowing, walking, hiking, or swimming. Diversifying your workouts not only prevents monotony but also engages different muscle groups, contributing to overall fitness.

Incorporating longer, lower-intensity cardio sessions into your routine is a strategic investment in your cardiovascular health and endurance. Whether you're aiming for a leisurely stroll or an extended run, the key lies in a gradual and consistent approach. Embrace the challenge, listen to your body, and watch as your cardiovascular endurance reaches new heights.

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