5 Great Reasons to Own a Stability Ball

Women in sunset inspired sports bra on purple stability ball

1. Crunch Enhancer:

      • Classic crunches on a stability ball are twice as effective.
      • All stabilizing muscles in the midline have to be recruited when laying on an unstable ball
      • This helps to avoid or improve lower back issues
    2. Balance Improver:
      • The ball can be used to train balance from beginner, by just sitting on the ball, to advanced, by kneeling or even standing on it.
      • Balance training is essential while we age, in order to reduce risk of falls.
    3. Stretch Enabler:
      • Stretching using a stability ball not only allows you to find deeper stretches but the stretches are often more comfortable allowing you to really settle in, relax and get the most out of the stretch.
      • Just look up "stretching with a stability ball" for lots of great ideas.
    4. Functional Strength Trainer:
      • In addition to the many great body weight exercises that can be done on the stability ball, if you have a set of dumbbells, your stability ball can become your bench.
      • The unstable surface forces you to establish balance before you can generate power, which better simulates the requirements of most sports.
    5. Chair Replacement:
      • Sit on a properly sized ball at your desk
    Your height Exersise ball size
    under 5'0" 45 cm
    5’1” to 5'8" 55 cm
    5’9” to 6'2" 65 cm
    over 6’3” 75 cm


      • The unstable surface forces you to engage your core and stabilize the muscles in your low back while you work
      • Multi-tasking at it's best!

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